We teach, form and develop your personality
Our mission
The MIDGARD Academy is a space that will continue the educational cycle of the MIDGARD school, we are creating an institution of higher education that will be absolutely different from others Ukrainian universities and will provide powerful opportunities for learning, development, and realizing the ambitions and talents of our students. The latest equipment, cooperation with leading Ukrainian companies and state institutions, double degree opportunities, dual education, etc.
Our main task is to create a space that will develop the desire to be professional, ambitious and effectively overcome all blocks in achieving huge results and performing dreams. Development of personality is our priority mission in all educational programs. We want MIDRAGD school graduates and all interested parties to have access to a modern institution of higher education, where they will continue to get professional knowledge in their chosen specialties and join scientific projects.
The educational and professional program ensures the acquisition of in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for performing complex specialized tasks and solving practical problems in the field of information technologies, computer modeling and computer graphics, distributed information systems and modern information and communication technologies. The program is based on well-known provisions and results of modern scientific research in the field of computer sciences, taking into account the current state of the IT sphere and focuses on specializations within which the professional career of future specialists is possible. The program was developed for the formation of a specialist capable of performing complex tasks related to modeling, design, development, management and support of information systems and technologies, as well as intelligent systems of data analysis and processing in organizational and technical systems at the practical level of professional activity.
The main task of the educational program is to prepare new generation professionals with mathematical knowledge and skills in the fields of intelligent data analysis, IT project management, artificial intelligence systems, system analysis, parallel computing, robotics and administration of computer systems, capable of formulating, analyzing and effectively perform practical tasks of the appropriate professional level and implement competitive strategies of IT companies on the domestic, European and global service and labor markets.
The purpose of the educational program: training bachelors in marketing who possess modern economic thinking, fundamental knowledge and relevant competences necessary for the implementation of effective marketing activities.
Educational and professional Marketing has an applied orientation. The structure of the program involves the basic knowledge of making management decisions in various areas of marketing, substantiating recommendations for the formation of a marketing complex.

Ability to collect and process primary and secondary information, analysis and planning;
Technologies and methods of marketing research;
Segmentation and positioning skills.

Analysis of the market situation, assessment of consumer behavior for the selection of optimal systems and sales channels.

Application of marketing tools in the industrial, international market, service market.

Вe able to evaluate the results of the companys marketing activities with the help of marketing control and analytics tools.
The educational and professional program for the bachelor is based on recognized scientific results and practical developments in the field of psychology using the current state of theoretical and practical psychology, it focuses on actual specializations, within the framework of which further study is possible under the masters programs of the specialty: psychology (practical psychology, experimental practical psychology).
The main purpose of the program is to train highly qualified specialists who would have deep knowledge to perform professional tasks and responsibilities of an educational and innovative nature in the field of modern psychology. The program allows you to comprehensively study the specifics of theoretical and practical psychology, the study of psychological disciplines and special courses that ensure readiness for the work of a psychologist.
The educational and professional program is based on well-known scientific and practical results, taking into account the current state of primary education, the achievements of age pedagogy, psychology, and physiology and is oriented towards the possibility of a further professional and scientific career in the field of pedagogy and methods of primary education.
/New Ukrainian School
The purpose of the program is to teach and form specialists in the specialty 013 Primary education, capable of successfully performing professional tasks and functional duties in the field of primary education; formation of competencies necessary for implementation of the New Ukrainian School concept, education of students according to the State Standard of Primary Education at a level that corresponds to the qualification of a teacher of primary classes of a general primary and secondary education institution.
Become student of /Midgard Academy
/Language of learning
In accordance with the Law of Ukraine About Education the language of the educational process at the Academy is Ukrainian.

In order to create conditions for international academic mobility, the Academic Council may decide to teach one or more disciplines in English and/or other official languages of the European Union, while ensuring that students of the relevant discipline know the state language.

The use of languages at the University is determined by the Laws of Ukraine About Ensuring the Functioning of the Ukrainian Language as a State Language and "About Education.
/The procedure of admission
The conditions and procedure for admission to ACADEMY MIDGARD act in accordance with Articles 13 and 44 of the Law of Ukraine About Higher Education.
/Accessibility for persons with disabilities
The Academy ensures the accessibility of educational facilities for persons with disabilities and other groups of the population with limited mobility, including unhindered access to the building, classrooms and other infrastructure.
The presence of ramps and handrails at the entrance to the building, the width of the doors to the premises ensure the accessibility of the places of targeted visits and unhindered movement inside the buildings. The entrance door to the building is equipped with a security call button, which, if necessary, provides additional assistance to a disabled or less mobile person.
/Infrastructure and facilities
We care about our students and try to create for them the best conditions for high-quality education, and therefore we provide a developed infrastructure and facilities of the Academy, which includes modern classrooms, lecture halls, educational laboratories, computer classes with the latest equipment, a multifunctional hall-transformer for sports and events, student cafe, dining hall, comfortable rest areas.
We provide our students with access to the largest online libraries in the world, which can be accessed both from our modern coworking reading room and from any device connected to the Internet.
The sanitary and technical condition of buildings and other infrastructure, the operating conditions of premises and equipment of ACADEMY MIDGARD correspond to the established standards, which confirm the sanitary passport, the conclusions of local labor protection authorities and state fire and technical supervision authorities.
The Academy provides accommodation in modernly equipped dormitories for out-of-town students for the period of study, as needed, on the basis of a contract. Foreign citizens who are students of education are accommodated in dormitories on a general basis, unless otherwise stipulated by the contract.
/Academic council
Academic council MIDGARD ACADEMY is a collegial governing body that determines the strategy and prospective directions of the development of educational, scientific and innovative activities of the Academy, as well as defines the system and approves procedures for internal quality assurance of higher education.